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Waltz for Ukraine

Port Townsend Farmer’s Market April 9, 2022


           Walking through the rows of vendors, ever-tempted by wafting scents of cinnamon rolls, fresh coffee, and newly-baked bread, I was surprised and enchanted to hear a haunting Ukrainian waltz, evoking childhood memories— imprinted smells and sounds—of my immigrant family life. Kozmopolis—the local Port Townsend musical trio consisting of Mark “Kozmo” Schlenz, Jane Freeburg, and Phina Pipia—was celebrating the market's return Saturday with their first public performance in over two pandemic-restricted years. Hiatus aside, the trio hasn’t skipped a beat, serenading market-goers with authentic eastern European waltzes and dance tunes performed with tuba, accordion, and a “legendary” horn-fiddle. All without amplification! People danced through the market center with each swing of their old-world sound and offered hearty applause following their set. Kozmopolis is dedicated to creating “music for the global village,” and—in view of the conflict in Ukraine—the group has rededicated itself to expressing the power of human spirit that flows through the traditional melodies of the Ukrainian and international folk music they have always cherished.
           When Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy recently addressed the Grammy Awards by video, he explained how Russian bombs bring silence—the opposite of music—to the Ukrainian people. In his appeal to the global community, Zelensky asked all of us to resist this war by filling that silence with song and love and life! Kozmopolis has embraced that appeal and hopes others find encouragement in their music as well.  Untethered by microphone cords, Kozmopolis led a parade of swaying market-goers during their set as Kozmo encouraged all to “Waltz for Ukraine!” Although thousands of miles away, the music brought the hearts and minds of Port Townsend’s community one step closer to our brothers and sisters of Eastern Europe, dancing together as we held them in our thoughts and prayers.


Nicholas Lampard is an aspiring photojournalist visiting PT from Nelson, British Columbia. His forbearers immigrated from Ukraine to Canada during 19th- and 20th-century conflicts there.



 JANE weaves melodies with the wind!!

PHINA summons the sun!


shares the legend of the Horn Fiddle!

Kozmopolis will gladly donate our musical services for any local public or private events supporting Ukraine.

On May 11, 2022, provided a set of traditional Ukrainian dance music at a Benefit Dinner for Ukraine hosted by the Old Alcohol Plant. 

We hope soon to sponsor a Waltz for Ukraine event ourselves to further show our support and appreciation of Ukraine's rich cultural heritage.

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